16 Side Hustles That Can Help You Stash Away Extra Cash

No matter what your financial goals look like, extra cash is always welcome. So the real question becomes, how to get it? Whether you have a full-time job, serve as the main caretaker of your family, or some combination of the two, life’s generally busy enough without making yourself crazy with more than one job.
This is why having a side-hustle can be such a game-changer. Unlike a full or even part-time job, side hustles allow you to earn money on your own schedule, when and where you want to. With side hustles, you don’t have to worry about picking up certain shifts or hours. Instead, you can simply work whenever it's convenient. Maybe that’s on weekend mornings or even weekday nights. Whatever your schedule looks like, a side hustle can help you earn a bit of extra income without the stress of a second job. Ready to learn more about side hustles and see what they can do for your finances? Here are 16 top side hustles that can help you reach your financial goals, without working overtime.

Overview of the best side hustles

Side HustleBest For
Host travelers on Airbnb or HipcampThose with extra rooms (or land) suited for short-term rentals
Start bloggingWriters with an interesting niche
Sell your handiwork on EtsyArtists or artisans who want to sell their work
Post your services on FiverrBeginner freelancers
Drive for Uber or LyftCar-owners looking for easy income
Create an account on UpworkBeginner (or seasoned) freelancers
Become a TaskrabbitHandy people who like helping others
Take up real estateAmbitious side hustlers who want to learn a new trade
Become an online tutor or instructorEducators or those interested in teaching & sharing skills
Sell your stuff on Amazon, eBay & CraigslistThose with unwanted stuff to sell
Become a virtual assistantOrganized go-getters who want to help small businesses
Babysit on Care.comThose interested in caregiving
Become a delivery driver with Doordash or PostmatesCar-owners looking to get paid for short trips
Become a dog walker with Wag or RoverActive walkers and dog lovers
Take surveysRemote workers with spare time
Start freelancingSomeone interested in getting paid to develop their skills

The 16 best side hustles

1. Host travelers on Airbnb or Hipcamp

If you have extra space in your home and like to meet new people, then you might just consider hosting travelers on Airbnb. Airbnb offers property owners an easy way to make good use of their extra space, by renting it out to tourists and visitors passing through the area.
You can choose whether to rent a room or even your whole house or apartment. If you live in a rural area with lots of camping, you might also be interested in listing your property on Hipcamp. This site allows you to transform your outdoor space into a glamping destination by offering spaces for tents and RVs or even setting up a cabin or yurt rental. Depending on where you live, and the kinds of tourist attractions nearby, you might just find that hosting travelers help pay a significant portion of your bills—especially if you’re willing to do it multiple times per month.

2. Start blogging

If you have a knack for writing and are looking to get paid for your work, then you might consider starting your own blog. Blogging can be a hugely profitable business, especially if you take the time to learn how to properly monetize it and turn it into your passive income.
Another great thing about blogging? You can write about pretty much anything you want! From biking to knitting to cooking or even traveling — the possibilities for your side gig as a blogger are endless. The best way to get started blogging as a side-hustle is to identify a topic you love — as in, something you like enough to write dozens if not hundreds of articles about. Once you have your topic, set up a website and get writing!

3. Sell your handiwork on Etsy

For anyone who likes to make crafts for others, selling your handiwork on Etsy might be one of the most fulfilling side hustles out there. Much like blogging, there is very nearly an endless number of things you can choose to craft and sell on Etsy. Maybe you’re into embroidery, painting, or even carpentry.
People love homemade items, especially when they can give them as gifts. Take good photos of your finished products then set yourself up on Etsy with a seller’s profile. If you can, try and add a few options for product customization — even if it's just adding someone’s initials to your work, your future customers will appreciate it.

4. Post your services on Fiverr

Another great way to get paid for doing what you love is by posting your services on Fiverr. Fiverr is a freelance services marketplace that connects business owners with a variety of freelance specialists. Whether you dabble in graphic design, proofreading, affiliate marketing, coding, translation work, or even illustration, you can post your services and rates on Fiverr for prospective clients to find you.
Because Fiverr is a freelance marketplace, you should expect to have some competition. If you really hope to start freelancing as a side gig, it’s best to use multiple platforms to post your services and rates. This way, you can ensure you have ample work and get paid fair rates for your time.

5. Drive for Uber or Lyft

If you’d rather not spend your spare time behind a computer, then you might just enjoy becoming a driver for Uber or Lyft. As long as you have a safe, reliable vehicle, it’s easy to create a driver account on either (or both) of these rideshare platforms and become an active working member of the ever-growing gig economy.
Whether you choose to drive regularly, or just focus on high-traffic times (like after-work hours and weekends) becoming a driver is a fairly straightforward way to earn a bit of extra cash with minimal effort. You can listen to your favorite music and explore new parts of your city, all while helping people get from point A to B and earning a bit of extra income.

6. Create an account on Upwork

Much like Fiverr, Upwork is another freelance platform that connects freelancers with hiring clients all over the country. Upwork allows you to create a freelancer profile that advertises your skillset to potential clients. You can advertise nearly any skills you want as a freelancer, but Upwork also encourages you to take competency assessments to prove it.
In the same vein as other freelancing marketplaces, you’ll want to be sure to try and make your profile stand out against the competition. Since this can be a challenge, it helps to have a good portfolio in place before getting started and to cross-list your services on multiple sites to get the best rates.

7. Become a Taskrabbit

If you’re more of a hands-on type, then becoming a Taskrabbit might be just the side hustle for you. Taskrabbits are the can-do friends everyone wishes they had. Someone who can fix a broken appliance, help move big furniture, or even just set up the internet (yes, really).
To become a Taskrabbit, you don’t have to be good at all of these things. Even just having one super-handy skill to your name is enough. By creating a profile on TaskRabbit with your list of skills and desired hourly rate, you can start helping out people in your neck of the woods, and getting paid to do it!

8. Take up real estate

While this would be quite the ambitious side hustle for the average person, it might speak to you if you’re one of those over-achieving types. Working as a real estate agent is a great way to earn a bit of extra income and can easily be done on a part-time basis. For this kind of gig, you’ll want to be outgoing, social, and willing to answer the phone (or check your email) at all hours of the day.
The thing about real estate is that it’s a fast-moving industry— and the more you can be online, the better luck you’ll have. To get started exploring this rewarding side-gig, familiarize yourself with local licensure requirements for real estate agents. While you will have to complete at least some training before becoming licensed, most people can complete their real estate education in a few short months or less.

9. Become an online tutor or instructor

Have a skill you want to share? Then why not start teaching your very own online course or marketing your online tutorials! You can get in touch with local universities or workshop programs and coordinate with them to promote your online course. You can even just set up the course on Youtube or Udemy, or market it on your very own website.
If you like teaching and working with kids but don’t want the hassle of designing your class, then you might just consider becoming a tutor. Sites like Tutor and Preply offer a myriad of options for both experienced and new tutors, and the pay isn’t that shabby either. With so many things being taught digitally (from art classes to carpentry, and even language courses), it’s never been easier to start teaching (or tutoring) your favorite skill online, and get paid to do it!

10. Sell your stuff on Amazon, eBay & Craigslist

This is one of those kill-two-birds-with-one-stone side gigs. By selling your unwanted stuff on popular eCommerce websites you can clear out some space in your home, and get paid for it. While this isn’t likely to become a very time-intensive side gig for most people, it’s still a great way to earn some extra cash on the things you no longer want or need. If you have a lot of stuff to sell (and I mean a lot) and want to expand your online business into more of a dropshipping model, then you might just want to consider setting up an account on a site like Shopify, which can help you manage your eCommerce business more efficiently.
Otherwise, sites like Amazon, eBay, Craigslist, and even Facebook Marketplace all offer unique opportunities for reselling your unwanted stuff online. While Craigslist and Marketplace are great places to sell unwanted household items, Amazon and eBay offer unique outlets for selling collectible or vintage items. No matter what you’re trying to sell, chances are there’s an online marketplace for it if you take the time to look.

11. Become a virtual assistant

Another great way to earn a bit of extra cash while working from home is to become a virtual assistant. Even if you have no experience, you can easily get started helping others become more organized in their day-to-day lives and businesses. Using sites like Upwork, Taskrabbit, and even Craigslist, you’ll be able to post your services and set your rates.
One reason this side gig is so rewarding is that the work can be incredibly versatile. Maybe you want to help an influencer run their social media, or a small business to start their podcast series, or even assist a startup while their product goes to market. Since this type of side hustle relies heavily on having great organization and communication skills, it will be best for someone who excels in those areas and has the required tools (like a basic office setup) to make operations run smoothly.

12. Babysit on Care.com

Enjoy spending time with kids? Then you might just consider becoming a babysitter or nanny on Care.com. By registering with Care.com you’ll have access to a range of local clients and be able to choose the caregiving jobs you want and feel most qualified for. This might include helping older children with homework after school, or watching youngsters while their parents are at work.
Care.com has a variety of non-babysitting roles available as well, including things like pet care, housekeeping, helping special needs students, and even spending time with seniors. No matter what kind of caregiving you’d like to do, it’s a great way to help people and get paid to do something you love all at the same time.

13. Become a delivery driver with Doordash or Postmates

If you like to drive but prefer not to go long distances, then becoming a delivery driver might be right up your alley. Sites like Doordash, Postmates, and even InstaCart all offer unique opportunities to make local deliveries in your city.
Whether you want to deliver takeout items, or even help someone get their groceries, there are a lot of different delivery jobs to choose from. If you end up enjoying deliveries, you might even consider signing up with more than one delivery service. That way, you’ll always be able to find a delivery job when you want one, whether it’s midday on a Wednesday or dinner time on a weekend.

14. Become a dog walker with Wag or Rover

Love dogs? Then why not get paid to walk them? Dog walking can be a hugely rewarding (and relaxing) side gig for anyone who loves spending time with animals. Whether you end up giving an older dog some much-needed company or helping a puppy burn off some energy, there’s a lot of personal rewards that go into this kind of work.
Sites like Wag and Rover make it easy to get connected with your local community of dog owners and to pick up a job whenever you want one. If you like animals and want something slightly higher-paying than dog walking, you might even consider becoming a pet sitter. In addition to Rover, sites like Care.com and Petsitter.com all offer unique pet sitting opportunities.

15. Take surveys

Yes, you actually can get paid to take surveys, and it's probably one of the easiest ways to earn a bit of extra cash with literally no experience necessary. In fact, it's the school of life that will have taught you everything you know to become a valuable asset to the companies hiring people to become members of their various focus groups.
By taking surveys on sites like Survey Junkie and Swagbucks, you can easily earn a bit of extra cash in as little as 15 minutes. If you’re already working on a computer and need a way to earn extra money between tasks, then taking surveys might just be the perfect side gig for you.

16. Start freelancing

Another way to earn some extra cash from just about anywhere? Start freelancing. You can find freelancing gigs in a variety of fields, especially those that involve working on the computer. Whether you have a skill you want to develop more while earning a bit of cash, or if you just want to pick up a few extra clients using the skills you’ve learned in your day job— freelancing is a great way to earn a bit of extra money all on your own schedule.
To start your freelancing side hustle, be sure to brush up on your skills and find a way to post your services online. You might want to use a freelance marketplace to get started, or just reach out to prospective clients on your own. Like all side hustles, you’ll need to be a little patient. Establishing a client base as a freelancer takes time, and it helps to have a niche. Pick something you’re good at (and be as specific as possible), build a portfolio of work, then you’ll be ready to find your first clients.


How do I make an extra $1,000 a month?
By starting a lucrative side hustle, you can easily rack in several hundred (or even several thousand) extra dollars a month. Side hustles offer a unique work opportunity to earn extra income on your own schedule, without much overhead.
What is an example of a side hustle?
A good example of a side hustle would be becoming a professional dog walker, making deliveries, driving for a rideshare company like Uber or Lyft, or even becoming a TaskRabbit. All of these side hustles allow you to earn extra cash while working flexible hours.
How much does a side hustle make?
How much you can make working a side hustle varies quite a bit, but a recent study found that on average, people earn an extra $500 - $750 per month as a result of their side hustle.

The bottom line

Side hustling may not be for everyone, but if you have the drive (and the extra time), it can be a great way to supplement your income while doing rewarding work. One of the best things about side gigs isn’t just the money, but also the flexibility. Whether you have whole days, a few hours, or even just a few minutes to spare, there are a variety of ways you can monetize your time and find a side hustle that fits into your lifestyle and helps you meet your financial goals.

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