Best Cryptocurrency Signals

I recently received an enthusiastic text from a family member: “I have been learning about investing in crypto. I think that the most promising one out there is called Cardano.”
He went on to explain his near certainty that the cryptocurrency would skyrocket in the next five years and encouraged me to invest. But he closed his message with a hedge: “I hesitate to tell you this because if it goes down… well, there is risk… but hopefully you wouldn’t blame me!”
There’s no shortage of advice about cryptocurrency trading out there, from familial texts to articles on the subject to tweets from tech billionaires. But for those looking for the straight dope from experienced traders, one of the best places to turn is cryptocurrency trading signals.

What are cryptocurrency signals?

Crypto signal services offer trading strategy and advice, ideally from those who are in the know and can tell others how and when to buy a particular cryptocurrency. The signal contains details about which cryptocurrency to buy, at which price to buy, the sell-targets, and at which price to set the stop loss.
Most signals are transmitted via Telegram channels and Telegram groups and are specific to particular crypto exchanges. To trade based on a signal related to a specific exchange, such as Coinbase, Binance, BitMex, or Bittrex, you must have an account with that exchange.
While many crypto signals are free, most have premium signals that members can opt to pay for to receive exclusive, high-value signals that the non-paying members don’t have access to. Many premium memberships also come with extra educational and community resources that can enhance the trading experience.

Best crypto signals

There are myriad cryptocurrency signals to choose among; finding one you like can take some trial and error. Here are a few good possibilities to start with. See the descriptions below the chart for more detailed information about each.
SignalBest for
HIRN SignalsBinance spot trading
Crypto Quality SignalsAltcoins trading
Verified Crypto TradersSophisticated traders
Universal Crypto SignalsTraders looking for analysis
Fat Pig SignalsNewbies and people with a sense of humor
Rocket WalletMargin trading
Signals BlueNewbies and traders seeking support
Learn2TradeThose looking to learn

HIRN Signals

HIRN Signals is well known for great performance, especially for Binance spot trading. All signals are automated; HIRN uses artificial intelligence (AI) and algorithms to continuously optimize and reduce risk. Signals are generated via technical and fundamental analysis, and analysis based on official sources for each coin.

Crypto Quality Signals

Established in March 2018, Crypto Quality Signals (CQS) offers advice to assist all kinds of trading strategies. CQS has a large number of supported exchanges and supported trading pairs, so it’s particularly good for altcoins trading. Working with trading indicator service Vertical Traders allows CQS to offer indicators, analysis, automated alerts, and trading bots. The premium level has two tiers so you can get the best match for your needs.

Verified Crypto Traders

Verified Crypto Traders, started in 2017, is one of the oldest crypto trading signals providers. It is also the only signal to be registered within a legal framework; namely with the Chamber of Commerce of the Netherlands. The team is made up of experienced traders from the Netherlands, India, the USA, and Poland. VIP channels are focusing on scalp (short-term) and swing (short- to mid-term) trading, and the VIP platinum club includes videos and chat that surface educational material and conversations.

Universal Crypto Signals

Universal Crypto Signals, founded in 2018, is run by analysts from India. They provide Bitcoin signals with a range of analyses, including Bitcoin analysis, cryptomarketcap analysis, and BTC dominance analysis. And they are always on the lookout for undervalued crypto options to recommend. Members can opt for fully automatic and semi-automatic plans. Occasionally they also advise what percentage of their portfolio members should have in various types of crypto.

Fat Pig Signals

Fat Pig Signals is led by experienced traders with a sense of humor; it’s the most lighthearted signal option on the list. Reviewers report that the channels’ conversations are fun and engaging, with a dark sense of humor, despite the technical subject matter. Fat Pig Signals offer short-, mid-, and long-term signals, as well as portfolio management. The channel reaches worldwide and offers 24x7 customer support.

Rocket Wallet

Rocket Wallet is led by a couple of experienced traders from France and is available in English, French, and Spanish. The VIP group claims more than 70% accuracy with an average of three daily trades. Rocket Wallet supports auto trading and provides signals for both spot trading and margin trading, including trade signals on Ethereum (ETH).

Signals Blue

Signals Blue is run by a trans-Atlantic team with considerable experience and knowledge of crypto and provides highly precise crypto signals. The team promises unlimited support, and users have received reliable responses and high-quality answers to difficult questions. Signals Blue reports 78.18% accuracy in May 2021 across 55 crypto signals. For auto-trading, they use Cornix, a popular robo-trading solution.


A UK-based service led by professional traders with more than 15 years of experience, Learn2Trade claims 76% accuracy. The team provides lots of information and training opportunities, including daily analysis and weekly webinars to help traders in their network learn. Members can chat 24/7 with the channel’s pro traders, and the group claims that “every question will be answered.”

Crypto signals table

SignalExchangesSelling pointsBest for
HIRN SignalsBinance, Houbi, FTXManaged by experienced, professional traders; continually optimized AI-driven signals for accuracyBinance spot trading
Crypto Quality SignalsBinance, Bittrex, Huobi, KuCoin, OKEx, Poloniex, Binance Futures, BitMEX, Bybit, Derebit, FTXManaged by experts in technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and cryptocurrency market sentiment; offers free signals for scalping on the Bittrex and Binance exchangesAltcoins trading
Verified Crypto TradersBinance, Binance Futures, BitMEX, Bybit, CoinbaseOne of the oldest crypto signals providers; run by experienced and skilled traders from multiple countries; offers portfolio reviewSophisticated traders
Universal Crypto SignalsBinance, Bybit, BitMEX, Bittrex, Coinbase, OKEx, Huobi, KuCoinRun by a team of technical analysts from India; known for its cryptomarketcap analysisTraders looking for analysis
Fat Pig SignalsBinance, BitMEX, BybitSends action alerts and educational materials; more than 75% accuracy across all its signals; humorous chatsNewbies and people with a sense of humor
Rocket WalletBinance, BitMEX, BybitFast-growing channels on Telegram; VIP group claims more than 70% accuracy; moderated VIP chat groupMargin trading
Signals BlueBinance, Gemini, KuCoin, KrakenGood for helping people without experience get a handle on crypto; provides unlimited supportNewbies and traders seeking support
Learn2TradeForexA UK-based service led by professional traders; claims 76% accuracy; provides information and training opportunitiesThose looking to learn


I don’t know how to trade crypto. Is this over my head?
Signals are informative for traders who understand the basics of crypto trading, including the characteristics of different currencies, how exchanges work, what a stop loss is, and other vital information. You can get the basics by tapping free resources around the Web or taking a paid course. Then, once you start investing in crypto, you’ll be ready to access the great, wide world of cryptocurrency signals to help you figure out how to take advantage of the market.
Why should I choose one cryptocurrency signal over another?
As you can see in the chart and listing here, different signals have different strengths, so which you choose will depend on what you’re looking for. There’s also the question of trust and reputation. Some crypto signals are not trustworthy; for example, they might be trying to boost investment in a certain cryptocurrency as part of a “pump-and-dump” scheme. In pump-and-dump, a group of investors purchases a currency all at once, causing the price to jump, then sell as soon as the price has risen, making a fast buck.
Can traders get good value from free signals?
Free signals may be free for you, the subscriber, but that doesn’t mean they’re low quality. The free signals are part of a profit-making enterprise for signal providers. Signals generally will require you to sign up with a broker they choose so they can earn a commission when you trade. They also depend on the quality of their free crypto signal to inspire people to pay monthly or annual fees for their premium packages. So signal providers have every incentive to provide high-quality signals, even on their free channels, allowing subscribers to take profits.

Why you should use crypto signals?

There are many reasons that those looking to trade in cryptocurrency should use crypto signals, especially free channels. Here are a few:
Signals can make you money. Crypto is on the rise and those who know how the market works can provide advice that will help traders make good profits. The key in that sentence is “know how the market works.” It is easy to align yourself with “advisors” whose bravado is greater than their knowledge — or who knowingly use you for a pump-and-dump scheme — so it’s important to choose very carefully and do your homework when choosing signals to follow.
You can leave the research to someone else. You can save a whole lot of time by finding a reliable and trustworthy crypto signal and following its advice. This prevents you from spending hours researching the markets and the various cryptocurrencies, trying to discern what the right trade might be, and keeping track of all your considerations. If you can get more profit by following the signal’s advice than you paid to subscribe, you’re doing well.
You can learn a lot. Quality crypto signal providers are run by those who know quite a bit about trading and the crypto market. This means you’ll get the chance to learn from them and understand how they go about spotting which trades to recommend. Many providers post the rationale behind the signals they provide, so you can follow along in detail.

The bottom line

For those interested in trading cryptocurrency, crypto signals are a valuable resource. You can find signals that will support your particular needs as a trader, whether you’re a newbie looking for basic guidance or a sophisticated trader looking for detailed analysis and hard-hitting, profit-making advice. The trick is doing your homework to figure out which of the many signals out there will be a good match for your needs.
Cryptocurrency is an exciting new world for those with a penchant for financial investing or enthusiasm for the digital world of the future. Crypto signals can be an important support in that endeavor.

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