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Car insurance isn’t a bill anyone particularly enjoys paying, but in most of the United States, auto coverage is mandatory. Car insurance can also protect you and your family members from paying expensive damages, hefty legal fees, and medical costs. The good news is, it’s now easier than ever to browse multiple policy options and quotes from many different insurance providers by answering a few personal demographic and driving history questions.
Platforms like make it easy to compare quotes from different car insurance companies, so you can find the plan that best suits your lifestyle and budget. I’ll help you decide if can help you by running you through how this site works, key features, and pros and cons.

What is is owned by Assurance IQ, LLC, a fully licensed auto insurance agency located in Bellevue, Washington. Assurance is certified with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has an A+ rating.
This online platform was created to help anyone searching for auto insurance to quickly compare policy coverage options and pricing across multiple insurance providers. The website contains a comparison form, contact page, and terms and conditions information.

How does work? is easy to use, either online or via the phone.
In order to compare quotes and policies online, you’ll need to first provide the website with some personal information, which typically only takes a few minutes to answer.
You’ll be asked the following questions:
  • Whether or not you currently have car insurance
  • The name of your current insurance provider
  • The number of cars to be covered
  • The make and model of each car
  • Accident history
  • DUI history
  • SR-22 requirements
..and more.
After answering these questions, you’ll create an online account with From there, you’ll receive access to your insurance quotes so you can begin browsing policies from some of the best car insurance companies like Allstate, Geico, Progressive, Nationwide, State Farm, and more.
To find out policy information by phone, you’ll call 855-781-8708, where you’ll be connected to a customer service representative or insurance agent who can help you get started.

How much does cost?

There’s no fee to use The company partners with outside insurance providers, such as Bristol West Insurance Company, Foremost Insurance Company, United States Fire Insurance Company, and others to bring you the best quotes in your area.
While this service is free, your personal data can be shared with the providers in your area, which means you may receive emails or phone calls from third party insurance providers. features

Customized insurance comparisons

Quickly compare auto insurance quotes from a variety of providers to find the most affordable car insurance policy to fit your insurance needs. You can specify the coverage amounts you’d like in a plan, so you only browse results that match your specific criteria.

Fast search process needs some personal data to pull real auto insurance quotes but makes the process quick and easy by minimizing the number of questions asked and providing a range of answers to select.

Money savings

If you already have car insurance, can let you know if you’re overpaying and match you to similar policies from other providers who might be able to save you money on your insurance premiums.

Comprehensive quotes

You can get as detailed as you’d like when looking for auto policies to compare through including full coverage, collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, liability coverage, and/or property damage coverage. You can also look for policies offering perks such as roadside assistance or a low deductible.

Who is best for?

Anyone shopping around for auto insurance

Whether you’re searching for your first policy or looking to add a new vehicle, will provide you access to all of the top insurance providers in your area, so you can quickly and easily compare plans.

Anyone looking to reduce their auto insurance premium

Have you wondered if you’re overpaying on your car insurance coverage? By answering a few questions, you can find out if there are cheap car insurance policies available that offer the same type of coverage.

Who shouldn’t use

Individuals looking to bundle policies

If you’re hoping to bundle your insurance policies (auto, renters, home insurance) with one provider, might not be an ideal resource. This website only provides auto insurance companies and cannot accurately determine if you’ll save money by bundling policies under one provider.

Anyone hesitant to provide personal information

In order to obtain up-to-date quotes, needs personal information from you. While they will not sell your personal data, they do have partnerships with auto insurers who will be able to contact you via email or phone.

Pros & Cons vs. Competitors

InsurerOnline Quote CalculatorCustom Policy OptionsDiscounts
ZebraNoYesN/A (offers policies for different insurance providers, but does not provide bundled quotes)

Online quote calculators, Gabi, and The Zebra all offer online auto insurance quote calculators that can give you an idea of how much your policy will cost based on your driving record, location, age, vehicle type, and other personal information.

Custom policy options

Both and Gabi allow you to set custom criteria for your car insurance quote. Gabi offers the most thorough process, allowing you to pick from a full array of options and customizations. The Zebra only offers quotes for a variety of pre-packaged policies.


Gabi allows you to view a provider’s specific discounts and eligibility criteria using real-time numbers. The Zebra will mention discounts you might qualify for but is not able to confirm if a provider listed offers a specified discount. does not provide discount data.

Insurance bundling services

If you’re looking to bundle your insurance, Gabi offers the easiest way to obtain a bundled quote, by offering you custom packages at updated prices. The Zebra can offer quotes for more than auto insurance but does not provide custom bundling quotes. only provides auto insurance quotes.


Does offer quotes without creating an account?
Unfortunately, you will need to create an account and provide your email address (along with other personal and driving information) in order to access’s online quote database.
Which providers will provide quotes for? will look at your location to determine which top providers offer insurance in your area. They’ll provide quotes from top names, such as Allstate and State Farm, as well as smaller and regional insurance providers.
What factors impact car insurance rates?
Your car insurance rate is set by a variety of factors including location, age, driving record, vehicle make and model, credit score, and more.
How long will it take to compare car insurance quotes?
You’ll receive your car insurance quotes through as soon as you enter your personal information. These questions should only take a few minutes to answer.

The bottom line

Shopping around for car insurance is a smart way to save money while securing the right coverage options for your family. Uncovering your policy options will only take a few minutes and the service is free to use.
While I like how easy to use is, competitors like Gabi streamline the data input process even further, by connecting to your current insurance provider, saving you time and effort. will provide you with updated quotes for auto insurance, but does not provide bundled insurance quotes. There’s nothing wrong with this auto insurance quote comparison service but there are more advanced and comprehensive platforms out there.

Reclaim Up to $610/Year in Car Insurance

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A website called makes it super easy to see if you’re getting the lowest price. All you have to do is enter your ZIP code and your age, and it’ll show you your options.

Using, people have saved up to $610 a year.

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