Encompass Home Insurance Review

Bundling and optional add-ons that can make customizing insurance policies easy are two of the biggest ways Encompass Insurance helps consumers save money and find insurance that meets their specific needs.
Encompass sells auto and home insurance, among other insurance products, that can be bought separately or through a bundle of home, car and important possessions called the EncompassOne Insurance Package Policy. Whether bought bundled or separately, each type of insurance coverage is offered in three tiers that increase coverage options with higher premiums.
We review some of the best options for each tier, and give an overview of how Encompass Insurance works.

What is Encompass Insurance?

The company that would become Encompass began selling personal insurance in 1897, when the EncompassOne Package Policy of bundling policies was introduced.
The company became Encompass Insurance Co. in the 1990s, when Allstate Insurance Company bought it from CNA and changed the name to Encompass. It is still a subsidiary of Allstate Insurance Company.
Encompass is available in 39 states. It is headquartered in Northbrook, Ill. Its policies are only sold through independent insurance agents, not online. The Encompass website doesn’t provide quotes or allow insurance claims to be filed online.

How does Encompass Insurance work?

To get insurance quotes from Encompass, you have to contact one of its 2,400 independent agents in the 39 states where it’s available. A price quote can’t be obtained online from its website, though it will connect you with an agent to give you a quote. The page isn’t easy to find.
Encompass 2
On the “Insurance Products” page is a “Request a Quote” link. Click on that and it takes you to a short form that you fill out with your contact information. Encompass then sends it to an independent agent, who will contact you with a quote.
Encompass 1
If you’d like to contact an agent directly yourself, start by scrolling about halfway down the Encompass homepage. Click on the green button “Find an agent.”
Encompass 3
You’ll be asked to enter your city and state, or Zip code, to find an agent near you. A list of agents near you will be provided next.
Encompass 4
When you click on an agent, a new tab will open with their information, such as their address and phone number so you can schedule an appointment.

How much does Encompass Insurance cost?

The Encompass website doesn’t provide price quotes. It does, however, have plenty of information about the three tiers of coverage it offers, whether bundled in an EncompassOne policy or sold as standalone home or auto insurance policies.
The optional add-ons, and the higher tier levels, cost extra, we assume, though the Encompass website doesn’t list by how much.
Each tier has add-ons that we assume cost the customer more. The EncompassOne package policy contains one or more of three segments: auto, homeowners, boat, and personal umbrella. The package policy isn’t available in Florida, Massachusetts, North Carolina, and Texas.
The three tiers start with Special, and go up in price and features to Deluxe and Elite. Here’s a look at some of the features each offers:

EncompassOne policy tiers

Property location limit200% of home replacement value200% of home replacement valueN/A
Water backup damage coverageHighest coverageOptionalOptional
HOA extension$50,000 of your share$5,000$1,000
Jewelry & fur coverage$10,000$5,000$1,500
The best feature of its bundled policy is a single deductible. If a covered peril damages both your home and car, you’ll pay only the high individual deductible during the claims process. For example, if a thunderstorm damages your home and car, and the home deductible is $500 and the comprehensive coverage deductible for your car is $250, you’d only pay the $500 deductible for both claims.
Encompass has other ways to save, such as discounts for being a safe driver or not having a claim on your home for five years, which we’ll list later.

Encompass Insurance features

Encompass gives customers standard insurance coverages, along with optional coverage they can pay extra for. Policies can be bought in any of the three tiers, which we listed above, either in a separate or bundled policy.
A homeowners policy, for example, can be bought by itself in a Special, Deluxe, or Elite tier, or can be bundled with an auto policy in the same tier. Optional coverage can be added to build a policy that fits your needs.
Here are the features for each of the home insurance tiers. Any optional coverage is on top of the basic coverage Encompass provides.

Special home insurance

The entry-level Special tier starts with all of the standard features you’d expect from a basic home insurance policy. The Special package also includes:
  • Additional living expenses with no dollar limit for up to one year if your home is unlivable due to a covered loss.
  • $1,500 of coverage for jewelry and fur, which covers items from theft.
  • Pays $1,000 of Homeowners Association fees, or HOA fees, after a covered disaster if your HOA raises the assessment for a covered loss to common property.
  • Medical expense coverage due to accidents that happen away from your insured home.
  • Landscape and land restoration coverage to replace landscaping damaged by a covered loss.
  • Burglary or theft recovery. Encompass will pay 10% of the loss up to $1,000 in reward money for information about someone who has broken into or damaged your home.
Three optional features can be added on for extra fees:
  • Personal property is covered, in addition to your home
  • Increased building costs if building code changes make reconstruction of your home more expensive
  • Replacement cost is covered if the cost to rebuild is more than the original insured amount

Deluxe home insurance

For homeowners who own many valuable assets and want a higher level of protection, the Deluxe level is the mid-tier level of coverage. It includes all of the benefits of the Special package, including the optional extras.

200% property location limit

Some home policies set separate limits on home, contents and other structures. The limits are percentages based on the actual value of your home and can’t be combined if one limit is insufficient to cover the loss.
Encompass 5
The Deluxe and Elite policies double the policy limits to 200% of the home’s value to cover the house, outlying structures, and contents. You can allocate your limit as necessary for any covered loss.
For example, a standard policy might limit structure coverage to its replacement value, such as $500,000. A separate limit of $350,000 may be set to cover the contents of your home. If your home’s contents sustained $400,000 in damage, you’d have to pay for the remaining $50,000 in damage.
Under the Encompass property location limit, all of your property is covered up to 200% of the replacement value of the home. In the above scenario, that equates to $1 million, which would more than cover $400,000 in damage to your personal belongings.

Other Deluxe home insurance features

Other benefits of this mid-tier policy package include:
  • $5,000 of coverage for jewelry and fur, up from $1,500 in the Special level.
  • Enhanced replacement cost coverage. If the cost to rebuild your home exceeds the original insured amount, you’re protected.
  • Water backup. Protects against backed up water or sump pump overflow.
  • Walk-away coverage. The estimated value of your home will be paid if it is totally damaged in a covered loss.
  • Mortgage rate protection up to $20,000 if a total loss requires a higher-rate mortgage.
  • $5,000 in HOA fees, up from $1,000 in a Special policy, if your HOA is raised after a loss.

Elite home insurance

This top tier of coverage includes everything in the Deluxe package, along with:
  • $10,000 of coverage for jewelry and fur
  • Up to $50,000 in HOA fees
  • Lock replacement with no deductible if your keys are lost or stolen
  • Fine art protection. Replacement of glass protecting fine art, including any broken porcelain statuary or other fragile art pieces.
  • Its highest water backup coverage, including damage to family furniture, treasured books and children’s toys.
  • Identity fraud expense coverage up to $20,000, including lost wages and attorney fees.
  • Personal injury protection if you’re sued for libel and slander.

Home insurance discounts

Encompass home insurance discounts include:
  • Claim-free for five years
  • Home 20 years old or newe.
  • Home systems of heating, cooling, plumbing or roof have been updated in 10 years
  • Credit for protection devices such as fire alarms
  • Bought home less than 49 years old in the last five years

Who is Encompass Insurance best for?

You like customized policies

Encompass offers insurance policies with varying amounts of features in three tiers it calls Special, Deluxe and Elite in its EncompassOne policy package that bundles auto and homeowners insurance. The Elite level is the highest. It costs the most but has the most coverage.
Customers can customize their policies with optional add-ons, though some are only available at the top-tier level.
Auto and home policies can also be bought separately, and each has optional features that can be added on too. The standalone policies also have Special, Deluxe and Elite levels of coverage. Customers with a lot of assets may want the Elite level for the most coverage options. A high level of water backup damage coverage, for example, is only offered at the Elite level.

You want bundled policies

Through its EncompassOne policy package, Encompass offers discounted home and auto insurance, along with covering important possessions, in one policy with one premium. One deductible is charged if disaster strikes a car and home. For extra fees, optional features can be added on to the policies.

Who shouldn’t use Encompass Insurance?

You want an online insurance quotes

Encompass only provides price quotes through independent insurance agents. It doesn’t offer insurance quotes online, which may not be what you’re looking for if you don’t want to talk to an agent and prefer to get a price quote online.
The Encompass website easily lets users fill out a form so that an agent can contact them, or consumers can find an agent through the website and contact the agent on their own.

You live in areas not covered by Encompass

Encompass Insurance doesn’t provide insurance in 10 states: Alaska, Florida, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Montana, North Carolina, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming.

Pros & cons


Financial strength

Encompass Insurance is owned by Allstate, which is one of the largest home and auto insurance companies in the country.
Encompass Insurance Company has an A+ Superior rating from A.M. Best for financial strength. That’s the second highest of 13 types of ratings by A.M. Best.

Customer satisfaction

Encompass has high customer service, according to NAIC complaint ratios and J.D. Power.
It has a complaint ratio of 0.64 for homeowners insurance from the NAIC, against a national median of 1.0, meaning it has fewer complaints than expected for a company of its size.
A J.D. Power homeowners insurance survey gave it a rating of 3 out of 5 for overall customer satisfaction.

Wide range of policies

With bundling and three tiers of policies, shoppers can find a number of customizable insurance policy options at Encompass Insurance that are affordable and that should be able to meet their insurance needs.


Can’t file a claim or get a quote online

We’ve already discussed how Encompass doesn’t provide online price quotes for its insurance products. Potential customers must talk to an independent agent.
Existing customers may also have problems with the company’s online service also, since it doesn’t allow insurance claims to be made online. Instead, a claim can only be filed by phone or mail.
The website makes it easy to find a claims office to call. Though your insurance agent won’t be able to file a claim for you, Encompass encourages customers to contact them for explanations of policy coverage.

Some perks aren’t add-ons

Some perks, such as high levels of coverage for water damage, are only available in the top tier called Elite. Water damage coverage is optional on the two lower tiers, but the higher level of coverage isn’t available as an add-on.
If you live in an area that is on the border of a flood area, you may need to buy the higher-priced Elite insurance package to get the coverage you need.

Not available in all states

Encompass operates in 39 states. Not all types of insurance it sells are available in every state it operates in.

Encompass vs. competitors

InsurerJ.D. Power ratingsA.M. Best ratingsMultiple discounts
The Hartford4.1/5A+Yes

Encompass vs. Safeco

Like Encompass, Safeco only sells insurance through independent agents. That can mean more specialized service and help deciding which insurance options are best for you.
Encompass has higher customer satisfaction ratings than Safeco, so you may find better service from agents working with Encompass than those for Safeco.
Safeco has the advantage in its online offerings. Claims can be filed online and its website is easy to navigate, while Encompass doesn’t allow claims to be filed online.

Encompass vs. The Hartford

The Hartford Insurance is well known for serving customers 50 and older. Encompass doesn’t offer as many discounts to older drivers or homeowners as The Hartford does, which puts it at a disadvantage with older customers.
The Hartford offers two types of homeowners insurance, while Encompass has three levels of insurance and add-ons that give consumers more choices.
Both companies sell umbrella insurance, which retirees and others with high assets may need if their regular insurance doesn’t cover all of their assets.


How do I file a claim?

Encompass only allows claims to be filed by calling or writing. A phone call is probably easier, and the company’s website makes it easy to find that number or to find a claims agent in your area to call. It doesn’t allow insurance claims to be filed online.

How do I get a price quote from Encompass?

You must either fill out an online form on the Encompass website to have an independent insurance agent contact you, or click on the red “Find an agent” on pages throughout its website to find an independent agent in your area to talk to.

Should I bundle insurance through Encompass?

If you find auto and homeowners policies that meet your needs, then it can be worthwhile to bundle them through the EncompassOne policy package and receive a discount.
The tier level you choose — Special, Deluxe or Elite — must be the same for home and auto. Each level is recommended for how many assets you have, so having similar levels of coverage for your car and home makes sense.

The bottom line

Shopping for insurance isn’t easy, but Encompass Insurance does a good job of making it easy by offering three tiers of coverage that can be applied to bundled or separate policies. Each tier is more expensive as you go up in levels, but it provides more coverage and more optional add-ons as you go up too.
Encompass doesn’t give price quotes or allow claims to be filed online. Instead, it steers consumers to call independent agents to review and buy coverage, and to call or write its claims experts to file insurance claims.
Overall, Encompass is a good place to start shopping for home and auto insurance. It offers many coverage options, which should be discussed with an agent to see if they meet your needs and are worth buying.

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