Gabi Auto Insurance: My Insurance Quote Experience

Who is Gabi? And what does she have to do with my car insurance?
Turns out Gabi is a relative newcomer to the car insurance scene, but is already making plenty of waves. Gabi insurance isn’t your typical brand name, mega-sized auto insurance provider. Gabi isn't an insurance agency. Instead, Gabi is a free tool to generate car insurance quote comparisons to help you find the best price.
The result? In a matter of minutes, you can find out if there are better rates than your current insurance by switching auto insurance companies.
I decided to see if I had any potential savings with my own auto insurance policies. Here's my complete Gabi insurance review and what my experience throughout the process was like.

What is Gabi?

Gabi is an innovative concept as a comparison site for shopping for auto insurance. Gabi brings AI-powered technology and information together to provide users with instant quotes. Gabi currently offers this service nationwide for all types of insurance, including auto insurance, homeowners insurance, renters insurance, landlord, and umbrella insurance policies. (They do not offer life insurance coverage.)
Sure, you can go from one website to another when insurance shopping... and painfully input your information every time to receive pricing quotes.
Another option for comparison shopping is to use an insurance broker and let the broker shop around for insurance products to find the best rates for you. This requires you to:
  • Find a broker
  • Pick up the phone and provide your details
  • Wait for the broker to get back with you
  • Review the information captured on your behalf
  • Discuss your decision with the broker
But thanks to Gabi, now you can avoid both of these tedious processes.
Founded in 2016 in San Francisco, Gabi saw a need for comparison tools that use state-of-the-art AI technology to get answers to consumers as quickly as possible — all without selling your personal information to someone looking to make a quick sale. Answers to questions such as how much my car insurance could be per month or what discounts are available to me get answered.
But what makes Gabi different from other insurers offering quotes for your car insurance rates?
One of the biggest advantages with Gabi is it compares 40 insurance companies. Can you imagine the time it would take to look at each one of these carriers individually? No thanks.
To quote Gabi directly, they are “an online insurance broker licensed in all 50 states.” This means Gabi isn’t in the insurance business to sell your information to other car insurance companies. Gabi gets paid by the insurance companies, but only if you decide to purchase a policy through the Gabi site — not from the sale of your information.

How does Gabi work?

Gabi is surprisingly simple to use — I was hesitant to enter my information (OK, by hesitant I mean lazy). But once I started, it was so straightforward that within 3 minutes I had my quote.
The information required to generate a quote is basic. Name, address, birthday — all the typical questions you would expect to provide.
To get a precise quote, you can either enter your current policy information manually with an uploaded copy of the policy (referred to as a “dec” page). You can also connect your auto insurance account information and login and Gabi can grab the information for you. I happened to have a PDF on my computer, so I quickly uploaded it.
To get a more accurate quote, Gabi asks for details on the drivers who need coverage and their driving records and history. The additional questions were easily answered from memory.
Gabi gets to work and takes the information to search for lower rates. The savings Gabi finds are verified and then sent for your review. Gabi checks rates from companies such as AAA, Allstate, Travelers, Hippo, Safeco, and several others.
Within a couple of minutes, I had a personalized quote showing my annual savings over my current insurance company based on information closely matching my current coverage.
If you don’t have a current auto insurance policy, Gabi will ask for general information to provide you a quote.
If you want to play around with coverage options once you receive your quote, click on “Edit Coverage.” This allows modifications to the policy settings so you can see if there are further savings available through changing your options.
To finalize a quote, I inform Gabi either via the website, text, or phone call to customer service. A Gabi insurance advisor will be assigned to me to take me through the next steps.

The coverage information provided in the quote

When you’re working through your quote, Gabi walks you through each of your vehicles and the details of your policy.
For instance, you can expect to see the coverage options and how much is provided within each benefit, such as:
  • Bodily injury
  • Property damage
  • Medical payments
  • Comprehensive
  • Collision
  • Car rental reimbursement
If there’s a coverage option you’re unsure of, simply click on it for further explanation. You can also contact customer service if you still have questions about the coverage details.

How much does Gabi cost?

Gabi is free to use. The company’s goal is to save you as much money as possible on car insurance.
Gabi auto insurance only makes money if you purchase a policy through one of the quotes provided. Gabi earns their money from the individual insurance companies, and you never have a charge for receiving a quote.

Gabi features

Now you know how Gabi works and how much it costs, so let’s talk about what makes it such a unique comparison tool.

Lighting fast

The first feature I noticed was the speed of the Gabi site. Once I input my information, the next step was only a second away. The information was easy to input, which meant less time for me to fumble around.
Once I imported a copy of my policy (via PDF), Gabi quickly grabbed my information so I didn’t have to spend more time researching my policy specifics.
As I entered my driver and vehicle information, I was concerned it would take too long to add in the additional details. But to my surprise, it was quick and the questions were simple.

Easy-to-understand language

One reason the Gabi site is easy to follow is the use of regular language, free from too much insurance jargon. As you’re moving along through the quote process, if you have any questions about a term, there’s typically additional information.
For instance, if you want to change any of the inputs for your quote, you can easily do so. But if you don’t understand what bodily injury liability means and you’re contemplating adjusting it, simply click for a more detailed explanation.

True head-to-head comparisons

Because Gabi uses your specific policy information, it’s able to provide an exact, apples-to-apples comparison from what you already have.
This means when you see a quote from Gabi, it’s not Gabi telling you what you could be paying. There are no suggestions such as raising your liability coverage here or dropping your rental car reimbursement there.
Instead, you will see the exact dollar amount you will pay based on coverage that matches what you have now (or as close to it as possible).
Again, imagine how long it would take to put in your exact coverage details for each of the individual insurance carriers, in order to receive a true comparison.
What did my head-to-head comparison look like?
gabi screenshot 2
My results came back with lower quotes (compared to my current policy) with Travelers Insurance and Progressive. I was shocked when I saw I could be saving up to $926 per year if I switched to Progressive.
Of course, I had to remind myself all of this information is based on my inputs, and isn’t necessarily the final number. But I think it’s a great place to start for a true comparison and chance to save money.

Accessible customer service

Within a few hours of receiving my personalized quote, I received a text message asking if I had any questions. I have no idea who was on the other end of the text, but I personally like being able to text my questions instead of picking up the phone.
You can access customer service via text, website, the Gabi app, or contacting them on the phone. Gabi is accessible, which can save you time if you don’t have time to chase down the answers you need.

Who is Gabi best for?

Overall, I would say most people can benefit from Gabi but specifically:
Experienced policyholders. As an experienced policy holder, I found the questions easy to answer, but someone who is new to the auto insurance world might not have the same experience.
Anyone who wants to save money. If you want to save money or make sure you’re getting the most for your current policy and budget, then you owe it to yourself to try Gabi. If you can save money each month and put it towards something besides auto insurance, then why not?
The Insurance Information Institute shows us that auto insurance costs continue to rise each year, and 6.4% over the last 10 years (based on the latest data). With insurance costs continuing to rise, using Gabi might help offset some of this increase.

Who shouldn’t use Gabi?

Who might not get the most benefit out of Gabi?
Those who have never purchased their own policy. If this was my first policy purchase or if I was a new driver, I might not get all the information I need up front to make the most informed decision. Information such as how much coverage do I really need or is this feature worthwhile?
Although it’s not impossible to navigate on your own, if you’re brand new to the process of paying for your auto insurance, then you will likely have questions.
Gabi can still put together a quote for those who have never had a policy, but let’s face it. Insurance companies love their industry jargon and it’s a lot to wrap your head around sometimes. This is especially true if you’re new to purchasing car insurance for yourself.
For this reason, I would recommend Gabi to someone who’s already somewhat familiar with insurance terms and coverage options.

Pros & cons

There are other pros and cons to consider, whether you’re choosing Gabi to generate a quote, or if you decide to purchase a policy from them.
  • Innovative technology. The AI technology Gabi uses delivers consumers a fast, hassle-free experience. The innovative technology means Gabi can analyze 40 insurance carriers at once.
  • Intuitive to use. The website and app are written in everyday language and the questions are easy to answer.
  • You really can save money. From the results of my personal quote to other reviews offered, it’s clear Gabi can help save money. If you’re looking for harmless ways to eliminate waste from your budget, Gabi offers a solution for potential savings.
  • And you’re saving time too. It would take forever to input individual information with each of the websites Gabi uses for comparison. Gabi can save you time, which may be as important as the money savings.
  • Lots of positive reviews. Since Gabi has been operating for several years now, there are lots of positive reviews. Many users agree Gabi has saved them hundreds, in some cases thousands, of dollars each year. Other reviews comment on how easy Gabi is to use and quickly get your quotes.
  • Needs further explanation. It’s unclear if I only had two options presented to me because of the inputs I made, or if it’s because the companies Gabi uses can’t match my current policy line by line. Personally, I would prefer more information such as how many companies were reviewed in total, even though I see only two were less than my current rate.
  • Complete privacy is still unknown. Another con to the process is putting trust in Gabi to keep information secure. Yes, the website confirms Gabi uses 128-bit key encryption and uses the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for added security. But there is still a bit of hesitation (at least on my part) to input my login credentials for my current policy for Gabi to access. Perhaps this is unfounded, but it’s still a little unsettling. It’s another reason why I chose to upload a PDF, instead of providing my login credentials for my insurance company.
  • Lack of ratings information. If you’ve ever spent time on an insurance website like State Farm or Geico, you may have noticed the financial ratings are typically listed on the site. This allows the consumer to access important information such as an A.M. Best rating or the Standard & Poors Global Ratings. It gives you the confidence (or lack thereof) that the company is financially stable to support insurance claims. Because Gabi isn’t the actual insurance carrier, the ratings for these carriers aren’t at your fingertips. You won’t see the ratings unless you go directly to the individual insurance websites.
  • You must have a cell phone. To sign up for an account and view your quotes, you must use a cell phone for verification purposes. This is part of the 2-factor authentication process for security reasons. So if you don't have a cell phone, you won’t be able to create an account.

Gabi vs. competitors

Are there other sites offering the same service as Gabi? Yes; two in particular.
Compares auto insurance carriersOffers suggestions to save moneyBBB ratingCost
PolicygeniusOnly when bundled with homeowners insuranceYesA-Free


Policygenius is a popular auto insurance comparison tool. Like Gabi, the more information you can provide, the better your head-to-head quote will be. Policygenius is also similar to Gabi in how you might receive multiple quotes showing where you can save money.
Policygenius is different from Gabi because it takes the information a step further and educates you on each aspect of your auto insurance policy. There is a ton of helpful information on the website, so you can make a decision whether you’re brand new or an old pro. They also provide additional detail on discounts you might qualify for to lower your premiums.Policygenius has an A rating with BBB, and the overall reviews are positive.
The biggest difference between Gabi and Policygenius is Policygenius can only quote auto policies if you bundle it with homeowner’s insurance. As of this writing, you can’t select auto by itself.
policygenius screenshot


At first glance, Zebra seems similar to Gabi. Zebra provides quotes from various insurance companies. Zebra currently works with at least 30 auto insurance carriers to provide you accurate information. It’s a free service to use and like Gabi, and Zebra promises quick, easy-to-understand information surrounding your quotes.
Where Zebra differs from Gabi is it’s only a quote generator, you don’t work with an insurance agent to finalize your policy details.
You do save time by inputting your information once, and Zebra gives you quotes based on your location. You don’t have to put in your phone number either. Zebra does have an A rating from the BBB and many other positive reviews, so it seems to offer a helpful service to many customers.


How much does Gabi cost to use?
Gabi is completely free to use.
Does Gabi pull my credit for a quote?
No, Gabi does not perform a credit check to provide a quote to you. However, a soft credit pull is typically used by the insurance company you end up purchasing a policy with during the final application process.
Does it matter what state I live in if I want to use Gabi?
Gabi is a licensed insurance broker for all 50 states and Washington D.C., so no need to worry about any location exclusions.
Why did my price change after my quote?
Gabi offers an initial quote based on the basic information you input. If you decide to move forward with a policy through Gabi, your credit and driving history will be pulled during the application process. If there are any changes in information, it can alter the amount of your policy.

Bottom line

Overall, my experience with using Gabi for an auto insurance quote was straightforward, a little surprising, and I would recommend it for almost anyone. I was most surprised by how user-friendly it was, not to mention the amount of money I could save if my quote was correct.
Where I think Gabi could improve slightly is by helping someone understand how changing the available coverage options can impact your quote. Experienced policyholders would likely find Gabi useful, whereas new users might be confused by some of the information presented.
Visit to learn more.

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