Insurify Review – Fast Quotes for Auto and Bundled Insurance

I'm not sure what is worse: Dealing with insurance agents and hoping to get honest quotes or getting spammed by all of the new insurance quote comparison companies popping up online. We need insurance. (We do.) But when all you want to do is find out which insurance company provides the most coverage at the lowest cost, couldn't it be easier?
Insurify says yes. But really? Let's take a look.

What is Insurify?

Insurify is a comparison site providing car, home and life insurance. It claims it will find users the best rates from top insurers with rates as low as $29 per month with no hidden fees and no catch. Founded in 2013 by Snejina Zacharia and officially launched in 2016, the "insurance, simplified" company allows you to compare quotes from national and regional insurance companies online in 2 minutes. With a following phone call, you can have you policy in 5 minutes. Its customers save $489, on average, annually on car insurance.

How does Insurify work?

From the moment you visit Insurify's website, you are prompted to get a quote. It automatically locates your zip code, and with a click, you begin.
The next step prompts ask you to identify the vehicle you need to be insured. As you begin to enter your information, it shows you its estimate on savings and the confidence it can get you those savings.
You will have to enter your information, and it's needed to identify your age, gender, and credit rating that affects insurance prices.
The next step is searching the possible discounts in which you may qualify. You'll also have an opportunity to bundle your car insurance with homeowners insurance and/or life insurance. It will also prompt you about your career to see if additional discounts may be found.
Then you'll go through any incidents you may had while driving. To get your quotes, you'll need to add you email, address, and phone number. This is the part we all hate and Insurify says it will not share your email. However, it doesn't say it won't share your address or phone number. It also doesn't say it won't be the one sending you a ton of follow-up emails. (More on that later.)
For my quotes, it searched 15 auto insurance companies. It gives you coverage options, including selecting collision and comprehensive insurance. My cheapest quote from the different companies came from Plymouth Rock at $76 per month for the minimum state protection. To receive standard protection, which I currently have through Progressive, my next best quote was also from Plymouth Rock at $81 per month. Both were comparable to my current price, which leaves me wondering if Progressive would have been the lowest rates had I not already had it.
If you want to purchase one of the policies offered, you can call an agent or complete the process online. (Insurify is not an insurance provider, simply a comparison website.)

How much does Insurify cost?

Insurify does not charge for the service; it's entirely free for you to check auto insurance quotes. The platform earns its revenue from the insurance agencies that pay them if you select their company.

Insurify features

Customized insurance comparisons

Quickly compare auto insurance quotes from various providers to find the cheapest car insurance policy to fit your insurance needs. You'll be given quotes based on your state's minimums, as well as more customized quotes for more coverage.

Fast search process

Insurify says you can get a quote in just 2 minutes, but I did take a little longer - it's more like 5 minutes. But every comparison company is trying to compete by offering it the fastest, so Insurify gets the win on what is the fastest if it does take you just 2 minutes to complete the questionnaire. It doesn't really matter as the process was straightforward and was fast enough.

Bundling options

Insurify currently offers homeowners insurance and life insurance comparisons, too. If you bundle your insurance by having all of your policies through one company, you will receive more significant discounts, and Insurify can show you quotes with or without bundling.

Pros & cons

  • Fast comparisons. Insurify is a one-stop shop that allows you to spend mere minutes receiving multiple quotes for insurance. You can receive car, home, and life insurance quotes with what Insurify claims will be very close to what you will receive once you proceed with a purchase.
  • No spam. Insurify claims you will not receive spam and that it will not share your email with another company.
  • Straightforward process. Using Insurify is very easy, which is great if you're looking to cut through the marketing jargon and get straight to finding the best insurance quotes.
  • Poor customer ratings. Insurify has some of the worst ratings for comparison sites as easy as it is to get a quote. On the Better Business Bureau, it has 1 out of 5 stars. However, take that with a grain of salt as it only has three reviews, and the BBB rates Insurify as an A+ company.
  • Complete privacy is unknown. Insurify says it won't share my email, but whether or not I'll receive phone calls or mail is in question as I had to provide both to receive quotes and those were not specifically identified.

Insurify vs. competitors

PlatformHome insurance bundleLife insurance bundleRating
The ZebraYesNoA+

The Zebra

Like Insurify, The Zebra promises you won't receive any spam from car insurance companies. Upon first reviewing quotes on The Zebra, that was true but days later, I began receiving emails from Geico, so I'm hopeful Insurify keeps to its promise. The two comparison sites were the most similar and provided fast quotes. is an insurance shopping website that will give you car insurance quotes from several companies. However, it doesn't feature discount data and you have to create an account to receive your quotes. It's more likely you'll receive unwanted offers after using than Insurify. It is also not accredited by the BBB.


Gabi is another insurance comparison site that works to accurate quotes using your data and its artificial intelligence. Gabi works as quickly as Insurify and can show you discounts you may qualify for based on the insurance agency.


How much does Insurify cost to use?
Insurify is completely free to use.
Does Insurify pull my credit for a quote?
No, Insurify does not perform a credit check to provide a quote to you, although it does ask you to provide your range. A soft credit pull is typically used by the insurance company you end up purchasing a policy with during the final application process.
Does Insurify offer quotes without creating an account?
Yes. It will ask your email to send you a quote, but you can view it on screen.
Which providers will Insurify provide quotes for?
As an insurance comparison website, Insurify works with some insurance companies to provide quotes, including names like Allstate, Nationwide and Liberty Mutual.
How long will it take to compare car insurance quotes?
Insurify claims you can get your quotes in 2 minutes and a policy in 5 minutes.

The bottom line

Insurify is an easy insurance comparison platform that does exactly as it promises: Gives you multiple car insurance quotes in mere minutes. Were the quotes as low as other comparison sites? Not for me, but these are just quotes and an introduction to rates and insurers. The final quotes will depend on the agencies specifically. What Insurify does well gives you a fast look at who may give you the most insurance for less.

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