Lemonade Insurance Review – The Company That Gives Back

Lemonade is an insurance provider that offers homeowners insurance, renters insurance, pet insurance, and life insurance. They feature a pricing structure with a simple flat fee and an easy claims process.
Based in New York, it's B-corp certified and donates a portion of its proceeds to nonprofit causes like the American Red Cross and the ACLU through its Giveback program. Best of all, you can apply for insurance coverage, file claims, and make payments entirely online, either through its website or its simple mobile app.

What is Lemonade?

Lemonade Insurance uses a unique fee structure that's different than the typical insurance model. While other insurance companies profit based on whatever money is left over after customers file claims, Lemonade's business model keeps a fixed percentage of customers' monthly premiums. Lemonade uses a portion of the money to buy themselves reinsurance, which protects them if too many policyholders file claims. Then, they donate whatever money is leftover after claims and expenses to charitable causes. According to Lemonade, this means that there's less incentive than a traditional insurance company to deny claims or make filing a claim a hassle.
Aside from its unique profit structure, Lemonade also differentiates itself from other insurers through its sleek website and mobile app. You can apply for insurance coverage entirely online in just a few minutes, and filing claims is quick and easy, with often instantaneous payouts. Lemonade features competitive rates and helpful customer service if you have any questions along the way.

How does Lemonade work?

Lemonade offers several different types of insurance, including renters insurance, home insurance, pet insurance, and life insurance. It's quick and easy to sign up for a Lemonade policy on its website or through the Lemonade mobile app.
To apply for insurance coverage, you'll work with Maya, Lemonade's helpful AI assistant. Maya's not a real person, but she does make the insurance application process quick and easy.
After you choose the type of insurance policy you're interested in, you'll have to fill out some basic information about yourself. For a renters insurance policy, this includes your name, address, and whether or not you have safety features like fire alarms and burglar alarms in your home.
You'll also have to provide information about your household, including whether you live with roommates, family members, or have pets. If you have valuable items like expensive artwork, jewelry, or electronics, Maya will also need information about those items. While including valuable possessions can increase your monthly premium, it's a good idea to be honest about the value of your possessions to ensure that you get the coverage you need.
After you supply all the necessary information, it will take Lemonade a few minutes to crunch the numbers and give you a quote for an insurance policy.
After you get a quote, you can adjust coverage amounts and deductibles for personal property, portable electronics, personal liability, loss of use and living expenses, and medical payments to others.
You can also add on extra coverage for valuable items that aren't included under the basic coverage. These can consist of things like jewelry, fine art, bicycles, cameras, and musical instruments.
You can customize your policy to add additional people, like your spouse, significant other, or landlord. You can also add coverage for water backup, which isn't included in the basic policy, for a little bit extra.
Once you've decided on your coverage amounts and other specific policy details, you can pay your first monthly or annual premium to secure coverage. You can begin coverage immediately or choose a date in the future. If you're moving to a new apartment, this is a good option and want the insurance to kick in on your move-in date.

How much does Lemonade cost?

Lemonade policy prices vary depending on your personal situation as well as what type of insurance you're interested in purchasing. That said, Lemonade does give customers a sense of what to expect when it comes to minimum monthly premiums on its website. Here are its lowest rates for each type of insurance they offer:
  • Renters insurance: Starting at $5 per month.
  • Homeowners insurance: Starting at $25 per month.
  • Term life insurance: Starting at $9 per month.
  • Pet insurance: Starting at $10 per month.

Lemonade features

Lemonade offers several different kinds of insurance, including homeowners insurance, renters insurance, pet insurance, and life insurance. While Lemonade is usually best known for its affordable, simple renters insurance, they're constantly expanding in order to offer new, related insurance products.

Renters insurance

Unlike homeowners insurance, renters insurance doesn't cover the physical structure of your apartment itself. Instead, renters insurance covers everything inside the apartment, including your possessions and any valuable items you own. Because it's more limited, renters insurance is typically significantly cheaper than homeowners insurance, with a basic policy from Lemonade costing as little as $5 per month. For that price, a renters insurance policy from Lemonade can provide peace of mind in case your property is damaged or stolen.

Homeowners insurance

Like renters insurance, homeowners insurance covers your personal possessions, but it also covers the physical structure of your home in case of fire, extreme weather, crime, or vandalism. Homeowners insurance tends to be a bit more expensive than renters insurance, with policies starting at $25 per month. Not all states require homeowners insurance, but if you take out a mortgage to buy your house, your lender will likely require some form of homeowners insurance. Lemonade offers HO3 homeowners insurance, which applies to single-family homes, and HO6 homeowners insurance, which applies to condos.

Pet insurance

Want to make sure that you can afford vet expenses for your furry friend? Lemonade's pet insurance policies make it super simple to insure your pet if they have a health emergency or need extensive veterinary care. Lemonade pet insurance covers diagnostics, procedures, and medication for both dogs and cats. You can also save additional money on wellness exams, tests, and blood work through itts optional wellness package.

Life insurance

Lemonade's newest insurance offering is term life insurance. Lemonade's term life insurance is unique in that it requires no medical exam and takes just a few minutes to apply online. You can choose between 10 year and 20-year term life insurance policies, with coverage of up to $1,000,000. Premiums at just $9 per month, and healthy people between ages 21 and 55 are eligible.

Simple website and mobile app powered by AI

One of the best features of Lemonade is the super easy application and claims process, thanks to its sleek website and mobile app. Lemonade uses the power of AI to simplify and streamline the insurance process. You never have to speak to a representative over the phone or in person, and applying for coverage or filing a claim takes just a few minutes. After you file, your claim can be approved and paid in a matter of seconds.

Charitable giving

Lemonade's unique profit structure means that they take a flat percentage of its customers' monthly premiums. The rest of the premium goes toward covering claims. If there's any money left over, Lemonade donates it to charitable causes. When they sign up for a policy with Lemonade, policyholders can choose from several different reasons to give back to, including the American Red Cross, the ACLU, UNICEF, and more.

Who is Lemonade best for?

Lemonade has a lot to offer customers who want simple, affordable insurance coverage.
  • Customers who want an easy online application and claims process. One of Lemonade's main perks is the incredibly quick and easy online application and claims process. In just a matter of minutes, you can apply for insurance coverage, submit a claim, or receive payment.
  • Customers who want to give back to charity. Another one of Lemonade's unique features is its charitable giving. You can select a charitable cause to donate to when you purchase a policy with Lemonade, and a portion of your premium goes toward supporting that cause each year.

Who shouldn't use Lemonade?

While Lemonade is a great insurance provider with competitive rates, it's not for everyone.
  • Customers who prefer in-person insurance help. Lemonade's application and claims process are entirely online, which is a strength for many customers. That said, if you'd prefer in-person insurance help, Lemonade isn't the best fit.
  • Customers who want to bundle existing policies. If you already have another insurance policy, like auto insurance, with a different provider, you may be eligible to bundle multiple insurance policies to save money. This means that Lemonade may not be the best fit for customers looking to bundle existing insurance.

Pros & cons

  • Digital-first approach. Lemonade's sleek, intuitive website and app make it easy to navigate the insurance process.
  • Charitable giving - When you purchase insurance coverage through Lemonade, you can select a charity to which you may donate a portion of your premium.
  • Easy claims process. Unlike other insurance companies, Lemonade doesn't make more money by denying you claims. This means that the claims process is typically fast and easy.
  • Digital-first approach. While this is one of Lemonade's main strengths, it's definitely a downside if you need in-person help with your insurance policy.
  • Doesn't offer all insurance types. Lemonade currently only offers renters, homeowners, pet, and life insurance.

Lemonade vs. competitors

CompanyInsurance coverage optionsApplication processOther features
LemonadeRenters, homeowners, pet, lifeApply online in just a few minutesGreat website and app, charitable giving
AllstateRenters, homeowners, auto, small business, life, health, disability, liability, petApply online or over the phoneBundling discounts, local agents, banking and investing options
State FarmRenters, homeowners, auto, business, lifeApple onlineBundling discounts, helpful educational resources


While Lemonade is a relative newcomer to the insurance industry, Allstate is an established giant. Allstate not only offers renters, homeowners, life, and pet insurance, but it also offers auto insurance, small business insurance, supplemental health insurance, disability insurance, and liability insurance. Allstate also features banking and investing options for its customers.
While Allstate's application process isn't quite as quick and easy as Lemonade, customers can apply online and receive a quote in just a few minutes. Plus, if you need help from a real person, you can reach out to a local Allstate insurance agent for assistance.

State Farm

State Farm is another titan of the insurance industry. In addition to renters, homeowners, and life insurance, they also offer auto insurance and small business insurance. State Farm also features roadside assistance and identity theft protection.
State Farm's application process is pretty easy to navigate, and you can receive insurance quotes in just a few minutes. Another nice perk of using State Farm is that you can bundle insurance policies to save money.


What type of insurance does Lemonade offer?
While best known for its affordable renters' insurance, Lemonade currently offers renters, homeowners, pet, and term life insurance.
Is Lemonade B-corp certified?
Yes, Lemonade is B-corp certified. This means that they have to meet specific requirements when it comes to social and environmental accountability.
How does Lemonade make money?
Lemonade takes a flat percentage of its customers' monthly premiums. The rest of the money goes towards claims payments. If there's any leftover, Lemonade donates a portion of the remaining funds to charitable causes.

The bottom line

If you're in the market for renters, homeowners, pet, or term life insurance, Lemonade is a great option. Lemonade stands out because of its straightforward application process, with no lengthy waits or phone calls required. You can sign up for insurance coverage in just a few minutes. Lemonade also operates using a unique profit structure to donate a portion of its profit to charity.

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