Review of Travelers Auto Insurance: Features, Pros & Cons, and Costs

Auto insurance is something that comes up once or twice a year for most adults. I don’t know about you, but every 6 months when my auto insurance policy is about to renew, it seems like I’m starting from the beginning. Should I look into other car insurance companies? Is there a better deal out there? And do I need all of this coverage?
It’s never a bad idea to do a little research. Whether you’re purchasing auto insurance for the first time or coming up on your policy renewal like me, there are plenty of options to consider.
So let’s see if Travelers might be the auto insurance company for you.

What is Travelers car insurance?

Travelers is a United States insurance company that offers several types of personal and business insurance products. Honestly, the number of insurance products that they offer can be kind of overwhelming if you look at the full list! Travelers has been around and offering insurance for more than 165 years, though, so there must be a reason that they’re still around and able to offer so much to their customers. J.D. Power finds Travelers than overall satisfaction ratings of 847 out of 1,000 points.

How does Travelers auto insurance work?

Like most major insurers, Travelers offers the option to get a car insurance quote online. When you visit their website, you’ll see the “Get a Quote” option at the top of their home page.
The little arrow next to it will give you a drop-down menu where you can enter your zip code to get started. Make sure that you have the right insurance product selected, too. In this case, we’re going to get a quote for auto insurance. You can also see here that there’s a phone number that you can call if you’d rather get your quote by phone. Or, if you recently got a quote from Travelers, you can pull up that quote again.
Travelers review
Travelers will ask if you’re currently a Travelers customer. If you are, make sure you select “Yes” because then you can select your current Travelers policies, such as home insurance and condo insurance. If you have a Travelers policy, you may be eligible for a multi-policy discount.
Travelers 2
If you don’t have a current policy with Travelers, then you’ll click on “No” and Travelers will take you right to the forms.
Travelers 3
Before you submit this information, there’s a brief information disclosure to review. This is just letting you know that Travelers will obtain information about you and possibly other drivers in your household. They must do this so that they can provide you with an accurate quote for your auto insurance. There are links to their privacy notice and other details that you can click on if you want to dive deeper into that process and learn more about how they gather and use your information.
If you’re comfortable with proceeding, you can start your quote now.
Travelers 4
If you click on “No, thanks” instead, you won’t be able to move forward with the online quote process. This will prompt a pop-up with a phone number that you can call if you want to ask questions about the quote process and/or get a quote over the phone.
Travelers 4
If you decide to move forward, you’ll be asked for your contact information. This is pretty standard for most insurance company’s quote processes. You can expect Travelers to email you a copy of your quote after you’ve completed the process. If you provide your phone number, you may also get a call or text following up on your quote.
Travelers 5
The next step is to provide information about your vehicle(s). If you know your VIN, you can enter it by clicking on the link. Or if you don’t feel like going out to your car to check, you can just enter its year, make, model, and body style.
Travelers 6
No matter which way you enter your vehicle’s basic information, there are other questions that you’ll need to answer yourself.
Travelers 9
You can enter information about 1 vehicle at a time. If you have more than 1 vehicle, you’ll be able to add it after you submit the information about the first vehicle. You can add up to 4 vehicles to your Travelers quote.
Travelers 10
After you’ve completed the process of adding your vehicle(s), Travelers will ask for information about yourself, the driver.
Travelers 11
When you’ve completed entering your information, you’ll be able to add other drivers as well. Travelers can give you an auto insurance quote for a policy that includes yourself and up to 5 additional drivers.
Travelers 12
One of the nice things about the Travelers’ quote process is that it includes some frequently asked questions. Below your list of drivers, you’ll notice that there’s the option to expand a drop-down menu to learn more about who you should include in your quote.
Travelers 13
Travelers will now ask you about your current auto insurance.
Travelers 14
If you don’t have auto insurance currently, you can also select that as an option.
Travelers 15
Now Travelers can finally give you what you’ve been waiting for...your quote!
Travelers 16
It’s important to understand that this quote is based on car insurance coverage that Travelers has picked out for you. You can click on the “View Details” button to dig deeper into what the quote includes.
Travelers 17
Since I already have a car insurance policy with another company, Travelers gave me a quote for a policy with coverage similar to what I currently have. If you have a current auto insurance policy and give Travelers that info, the quote you get will be for a policy with similar coverage to your current policy.
Travelers 18
Travelers also provides a quote for “better coverage” that you can view.
Travelers 19
No matter which option you choose, there’s still more to look at. The first drop-down menu under your quote has your discounts. These discounts are what Travelers can offer, based on the information that you provided during the quote process. At the top of the menu, you can see the amount that your discounts are worth.
Travelers 20
The next drop-down menu gives you more information about the auto policy coverages and amounts that are included in your quote. You can click on each coverage type to read a quick overview of what that coverage provides, such as personal property. The middle column is the coverage’s deductible or limit. The last column is how much that coverage costs. This cost is already included in your quote’s price.
Travelers 21
If you click on the “Edit Coverages” option in the upper right corner, you’ll be able to change the coverage amounts or whether or not the coverage is included in your policy. After you’re done making those edits, you can click on “Recalculate” at either the top or the bottom of your page.
Travelers 22
The coverage selections you make will save as a “Custom Coverage” policy. You can also edit the coverages for your vehicle. Your vehicle coverage is the third drop-down menu underneath your auto policy coverages.
Travelers 23
When you’re done setting up your ideal auto insurance policy, you have a few options. If you’re ready to purchase, you can do that now. Otherwise, you can save the quote and return to it later and/or download the auto quote summary to review later.
Travelers 24
Throughout the quote process, Travelers makes it easy to reach out if you have any questions. You can either chat online with a Travelers representative or call Travelers to speak with someone on the phone. You’ll see the chat option at the bottom of your screen on every page during the quote process, so you can click on it anytime.
Travelers 25

How much does Travelers auto insurance cost?

Getting an auto insurance quote from Travelers is free, but you should be aware of the cost of auto insurance in general before you purchase any policy. Insurance companies have you go through the quote process because the price for your insurance policy depends on quite a few factors.

Your location

The area where you live and keep your vehicle can make a difference in your insurance rate. If your vehicle gets damaged or if you get into an accident and need to make an insurance claim, you’ll likely be using local repair shops and medical offices. Insurance providers will consider the average costs of vehicle repairs and medical costs in your area for this reason.
Typically, living in a rural or suburban area may get you a lower insurance rate than if you lived in an urban area. If the area where you live has a higher rate of vandalism, thefts, or auto accidents, this may also be taken into consideration since it affects the likelihood of you making a claim.

Your driving stats

Insurance companies take on a certain amount of risk every time that they sell an insurance policy. Looking at your driving record can help an insurance company estimate the amount of risk they will take on by selling you a policy, thus affecting your insurance rate.
Another thing that will be taken into consideration is why you primarily use your car and how many miles you typically drive per year.

Your vehicle

If you’re in the market for a new vehicle, it might not be a bad idea to get an insurance estimate. Insurance rates can vary depending on the cost to repair and replace parts in your car, the vehicle’s safety record, and its likelihood of theft.

Examples of premium costs

With all of those factors, Travelers quote a single, college-educated male renting a home in Chicago driving an average of 11,000 to 13,000 miles a year in a 2018 Toyota Camry as of March 28, 2021:
Minimum coverage includes:
  • Bodily Injury: $25k/$50k
  • Property Damage: $20k
  • Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury: $25k/$50k
Full coverage includes:
  • Bodily Injury: $100k/$300k
  • Property Damage: $50k
  • Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury: $100k/$300k
  • Collision Deductible: $1k
  • Comprehensive Deductible: $1k
Minimum coverage$602$469
Full coverage$1,640$1,320

Travelers auto insurance coverages and features

Liability coverage

Liability coverage requirements vary by state, but chances are that you’ll be required to include this in your auto insurance policy.
The first part of your liability coverage is bodily injury liability coverage. This can help cover the costs of medical bills and other related costs if you cause injury to other people in an accident.
The second part of liability coverage is property damage liability coverage. This can help pay for the cost of repairing or replacing items of property that are damaged by your vehicle in an incident that was your fault. For example, if you are found to be at fault for a car accident, you may be able to use your coverage to help cover the costs of repairing the other person’s car.
Liability coverage can also help with your legal defense costs if you are sued due to an accident that you caused.

Collision coverage

While liability coverage can cover the costs of damage to another person’s vehicle, it can’t help with your vehicle. That’s where collision coverage comes in. It can help pay for the costs of repairing your vehicle’s damage if you get into an accident or if your vehicle rolls over.
If you finance or lease your vehicle, you may be required to have collision coverage for your vehicle.

Comprehensive coverage

Since your car can get damaged by situations that aren’t accidents, you may want to have comprehensive coverage included in your policy. It can help pay for the costs of repairing your vehicle if it is damaged by something like a bad storm, hitting an animal with your car, theft, or vandalism.
Like collision coverage, comprehensive coverage may be required if you finance or lease your car.

Personal injury protection

Also called no-fault insurance, personal injury protection coverage can help pay for your medical expenses, lost wages, and other expenses if you’re involved in an accident. It can also cover these costs for your family members and passengers in your vehicle.

Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage

If you get into an accident that was caused by the other driver, theoretically they would be responsible for your damages and medical costs. However, if they leave the scene of the accident and/or don’t have the proper insurance coverage, you won’t be able to benefit from their insurance coverage.
In these cases, uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage could take the place of the at-fault driver’s insurance. It offers coverage for yourself, your family, and any passengers in your vehicle.
Travelers also offers additional coverage options that could be beneficial for some drivers:
  • Loan/lease gap insurance
  • Rental coverage
  • Roadside assistance
  • New car replacement
  • Accident forgiveness
  • Ridesharing (only available in Colorado and Illinois)
  • Umbrella insurance
  • Commercial auto

Travelers Features

In addition to discounts like the new car discount and safe driver discount, Travelers features certain programs that you may be eligible to enroll in.

Affinity program

The Travelers Affinity Car & Home Program offers exclusive savings opportunities to Travelers’ customers. This program is available to employees or members of participating employers, credit unions, and association groups. To learn more about the program and to find out if you are eligible, you have to call Travelers.


Travelers offers this 90-day program that can help determine your insurance premium (the cost of your auto insurance) depending on your driving habits. If you enroll in the program, you’ll use a smartphone app that will monitor things like your braking, your speed, and more while you drive.
If you display safe driving habits during the 90-day period, you could receive a savings of up to 20% on your auto insurance policy.

Premier Responsible Driver Plan

For every 6 months that you are accident- or major violation-free, you will receive a $50 earned credit up to $500 that will be applied toward your deductible in the event of a covered loss. This means minor violations are forgiven under the plan.

Who is Travelers best for?

People who want to bundle their insurance policies

Since Travelers offers several types of insurance products, it may be worth considering if you also need homeowners or renters insurance. However, if all you’re looking for is auto insurance, you may be able to find more affordable coverage elsewhere.

People who are eligible for the Affinity Program

If you’re an employee or a member of a participating company or organization, the exclusive savings may be worth exploring.

Who shouldn’t use Travelers?

People who don’t qualify for many discounts

When it comes to insurance, finding the best price often comes with finding out which company offers the best discounts, such as driver training and good student discounts. If you don’t qualify for the discounts offered by Travelers, you may find that your insurance quote is higher than quotes from some of their competitors.

Pros & cons

  • Travelers offers plenty of opportunities to save. Some of the highlights include the new car discount and the early quote discount. These discounts can save you up to 10% just for owning a car that is less than 3 years old and for getting an auto insurance quote before your current policy expires.
  • Travelers makes it easy to get your questions answered during the quote process. All you need to do is click on the chat function or call to speak to a representative by phone. You can also search for an independent agent if you prefer to work with someone directly.
  • Travelers only offers ridesharing insurance in 2 states: Colorado or Illinois. This is an important coverage option if you drive for companies such as Uber, Lyft, or Doordash.
  • You can’t find everything you need to know on the Travelers website. You’ll probably want to be aware of all of the discounts you’re eligible for before you decide. Unfortunately, you can only learn about savings opportunities from the Affinity program if you call Travelers.

Travelers vs. competitors

CompanyMonthly costDiscountsFeatures
Travelers$111.00Continuous insurance, anti-theft, anti-lock brakes, passive restraintLocal agents, safe driving rewards
GEICO$91.405-year good driver, anti-lock brakes, passive restraint, anti-theft deviceDiscounts to partner members, local agents
Liberty Mutual$77.25Online purchase, accident-free, violation-free, vehicle safety, preferred payment, paperless policyCustomer service after hours, 12-month rate guarantee
All of these quotes were calculated using the following coverage options:
  • Bodily injury liability: $100,000 per person/$300,000 per occurrence
  • Property damage liability: $50,000 per accident or occurrence
  • Uninsured motorist: $100,000 per person/$300,000 per occurrence
  • Comprehensive & collision coverage
  • Basic personal injury protection
  • Emergency roadside service


Geico is another top insurance company for auto and other insurance products. Like Liberty Mutual, it offers several coverage options at competitive rates. GEICO also offers rideshare insurance, which can take the place of your personal auto insurance policy if you are a rideshare driver.

Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual is an insurance company that offers both personal and commercial insurance products. Offering several types of coverage options, the company is one of the only insurance companies to lock in rates for a full 12 months.


How much coverage do I need?
This is a tough question to answer because it depends on where policyholders live, the vehicle you drive, and other factors. An insurance representative can help you choose the best coverage options for your situation.
How do I add discounts to my policy?
During the quote process, you may find that some discounts are automatically applied based on your answers. You can also speak with your insurance representative to see if there are additional discounts that you may be eligible for.

The bottom line

With all of the auto insurance options out there, is Travelers right for you? The best answer I can give you is that it depends. Travelers does offer an assortment of auto insurance coverage options that can add up to a strong policy. The downside to their coverage is that if you need coverage for being a rideshare driver, you may not be able to get it from them.
Travelers can also be a great option if you want to enroll in their Intellidrive program and if you qualify for the discounts that they offer. If not, then the price might be higher than what you could find at another comparable insurance company.
Overall, finding the best policy starts with getting a quote. As someone who hates having to give out their phone number, I appreciated that Travelers didn’t require it during the quote process. Getting a quote only takes 5-10 minutes of your time, so at the end of the day, it’s worth the time to see what Travelers can offer.
For more information visit

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