10 TikTokers to Follow for Investment Tips

By now almost everyone has heard of TikTok. Whether you enjoy watching those awkward choreographed dances or super cute pet stories, this popular app has become one of the darlings of social media. TikTok allows users to post short-form videos in 15-second to 3-minute snippets, with virtually any type of content for these short videos. And it’s not only young people
The audience is mostly Gen Z, and between the ages of 16 to 24, and skews slightly higher with male users, versus females. Video Makers will do almost anything for the chance to “go viral” with their TikTok videos, which means you see a variety of content designed to grab your attention. The main goal of these videos, besides sharing just about anything, is to gain followers.
It was only a matter of time before the personal finance world entered this new social media realm. Personal finance is now such a big topic, it has earned its own nickname of “StockTok” to describe its corner of the TikTok world. This corner seemed to grow even more during the pandemic, where followers were hungry for more advice to navigate the financial world.
From investing to day trading to budgeting and the world of crypto, if there is a personal finance subject then you’re likely to find a TikToker willing to post about it.
Which leads us to our next question — who are the best TikTokers to follow for investment tips? Should we even be taking financial advice from influencers simply because they post TikTok videos?
Let’s see who is trending in the personal finance world and promoting better financial literacy — and not just slapping a financial hashtag on a post and calling it a day.

10 TikTokers to Follow

Taylor Price

Handle: @pricelesstay
Taylor Price
With over one million followers, Taylor has quickly made a name for herself on the TikTok platform by doling out advice on a wide variety of topics. Taylor discusses financial topics ranging from budgeting to Costco sales, to investment advice. She takes somewhat complicated subjects, such as 401k investing, and explains what to look for, tips, and tricks, all within a 15-second sound bite.
Taylor Price has serious financial chops as the CEO of her own financial education platform TAP Intuit. The goal of the platform is to break down the science and mystery so many people feel when it comes to finances. On the investment side, you often find Taylor tackling subjects surrounding cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin and hardware wallets, all with fun and informative videos.

Humphrey Yang

Handle: @humphreytalks
Screen Shot 2021-07-06 at 8.45.13 PM
Humphrey Yang is by far one of the most followed personal finance accounts on TikTok, with over 2.3 million followers. As his handle suggests, Yang has gained a massive following by simply talking to the audience about a host of financial subjects. Whether he’s explaining the innovations on the latest Tesla model or the way the tax system is structured in the United States, his style is comfortable and approachable.
While he focuses a good bit of content on investments and stocks, there are several videos on entrepreneurship and smart money management worth watching. If you prefer to read his advice, you can sign up for his weekly newsletter too, which includes more personal finance tips and information.

Break Your Budget

Handle: @Breakyourbudget
This TikTok account doesn’t rely on tons of graphics, sophisticated videos, or funny dance routines to get financial across. Instead, @breakyourbudget talks about all things investment, budgeting, and personal finance by writing out steps via a piece of notebook paper in most of the videos. Some may think this is a simple method of communicating, but apparently, it’s working. This account has over 580k followers — and growing.
Michela, who heads the channel, targets mainly the millennial generation, but all ages will find her advice practical and simple to follow. As the name implies, she empowers her audience to break bad financial habits or let go of the typical financial myths, including those surrounding investing and savings.

Brad Klontz

Handle: @dr.bradklontz
Screen Shot 2021-07-06 at 8.46.13 PM
Dr. Brad Klontz is a financial psychologist and now has a following of over 312k. On any given day, you can find Dr.Klontz making videos on investments 101 to steps on achieving millionaire status. The focus of his channel is changing your relationship with money and how you view it daily, including if you are a first-time investor.
You might expect someone with a psychology background to make financial topics more complicated, but he does the opposite. The videos break down investment topics into the least complicated, bite-size chunks you can imagine. If you are new to investing and want to gain a greater understanding of altering your financial mindset, then this is an informative TikTok account to follow.

Carmen Perez

Handle: @makerealcents
Carmen Perez
Carmen Perez may not have the massive following on TikTok yet — currently less than 1,000 followers — but has already built up a strong audience following on Instagram. Her videos take a lively look at the ins and outs of personal finance, from banking to budgeting, and the realities of learning how to live within your means.
Her background includes paying off over $57,000 in debt, so she focuses quite a bit on the financial choices we each have to make to tackle debt and build wealth. While her account is not focused exclusively on investments, she does explain what’s going on in the stock market or other investment topics and why it matters to your everyday life.

Mark Tilbury

Handle: @marktilbury
Screen Shot 2021-07-06 at 9.21.42 PM
Another TikTok account with a massive following, Mark Tilbury is one of the most recognizable names in the personal finance space on TikTok. He is a proclaimed self-made millionaire and has now amassed a gargantuan 6.4 million followers. He does not fall into your typical Gen Z age bracket, but his years of experience have made him a trusted source for investment and financial advice on TikTok.
Mark’s background is one worth taking note of. He dropped out of school at age 16 and worked odd jobs to make ends meet. He finally worked up the courage to quit his dead-end job and start his own business. Now he is worth millions of dollars and shares some of his best investment and money management tips with skit-style, quirky videos.

Jamie Fankhauser

Handle: @jamie.biz
Jamie Fankhauser
Jamie Fankhauser is quickly growing and amassing a generous following. Her account now reaches almost 31k in followers who seem to respond to her easy, informative style. Although she may not have a huge audience compared to other TikTok accounts in the investment space, she offers sensible advice in bits and pieces.
While she covers investment topics such as evaluating stocks and learning about investing, she also focuses quite heavily on personal development and productivity. She also leans into entrepreneurship and what it takes to win with your money and personal goals. She doesn’t rely on skits or memes, but instead talks straight to the camera and keeps it super simple and straight to the point for her audience.

Ryan Francis

Handle: @themoneyceo
Ryan Francis
Ryan Francis has gained over 155k followers on TikTok by talking about all things related to investments, stock markets, and hot topics in the financial world. Whether it’s explaining the latest with the Gamestop stock or how to maximize your Roth IRA contributions, Francis lays out his advice in actionable, numbered steps.
Francis has multiple goals with his TikTok content but mostly focuses on gaining financial freedom through understanding investing, paying fewer taxes and fees, and where to put your money for long-term growth. He is the author of several e-books too, covering topics like buying insurance and home buying for building greater wealth.

Vivian Tu

Handle: @yourrichbff
Vivian Tu
With over 447k followers and growing, Vivian Tu is the personal finance friend we’ve all been waiting for. She offers advice for both the Gen Z and Millennials following her and her goal is to help her audience improve their financial literacy and isn’t afraid to give you the advice you wish your parents or friends would give you.
Vivian’s background as a Wall Street Equities trader gives her the credibility to take the convoluted world of finances and make it easier to understand in short videos. She covers topics ranging from investing in real estate or the stock market to having serious money conversations before you get married.

Nick Meyer

Handle: @nicktalksmoney
Nick Meyer
Nick’s background as a Certified Financial Planner is one of the many reasons the following with his TikTok account has exploded to over 578k followers. Nick covers numerous personal finance subjects but hones in on the stock market, investments, and taxes.
Nick’s videos feature him “talking” to someone else, which is usually just him as another character, and asking basic financial questions. But the way he answers these questions helps explain different points of view for investing, budgeting, and other areas. If you like a skit-style performance to break down even the most complicated tax and investment issues, then you will love watching Nick perform.

The bottom line

If you’re one of the 689 million TikTok users and you have questions when it comes to investing, there is an entirely new crop of personal finance talent ready to walk you through these complex topics. These TikTokers not only have years of experience between them but have figured out a way of communicating tough subjects in a simple form. While the TikTok algorithm may change regularly, the amount of solid personal finance and investment advice continues to grow across this platform.

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